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PowerShot G9 X Mark II

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0. Map Utility 1.8.2 for Mac OS X

Outline Map Utility is a software application that displays geotagged images taken on a camera on a map. System requirements To use this software, your computer has to meet the following system requirements. 1. Supported OSes OS X 10.10, 10.11, macOS 10.12, 10.13 2. Supported Computers Computers running one of the above operating systems (preinstalled), with an included USB port. Internet access re

1. Recording Movies of Star Movement (Star Time-Lapse) (PowerShot G9 X Mark II)

Solution By recording a time-lapse movie that combines images shot at a specified interval, you can create movies with fast-moving stars. You can adjust the shooting interval and recording duration as needed. Note that each session takes a long time, and requires many shots. Check the battery level and memory card space in advance. The procedure for shooting start time-lapse movies is explained be

2. Switching Shooting Modes and Scene (SCN) Modes (PowerShot G9 X Mark II)

Solution Shooting in Smart Auto Mode Switching to Hybrid Auto Mode Switching to other Shooting Modes Switching to [P] Mode Switching to Tv, Av, M, or C mode Choose a mode matching the shooting scene, and the camera will automatically configure the settings for optimal shots. The procedure for switching shooting modes is explained below. Shooting in Smart Auto Mode For fully automatic selection of t

3. Shooting Long Exposures (Bulb) (PowerShot G9 X Mark II)

Solution With bulb exposures, shots are exposed for as long as you hold down the shutter button. CAUTION Do not aim the camera at intense light sources, such as the sun on a clear day or an intense artificial light source. Doing so may damage the image sensor or other internal components. NOTE Maximum continuous shooting time with this feature is 4 min. 16 sec. Mount the camera on a tripod or take

4. Installing the Software (PowerShot G9 X Mark II)

Solution Getting Started Installing the Software Getting Started Although a CD-ROM is not included with the camera, installers for software applications can be downloaded from the Canon website. To utilize the features of the following software, download the software from the Canon website and install it on your computer. CameraWindow -Import images to your computer -Add Picture Styles saved on yo

5. Main Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode (PowerShot G9 X Mark II)

Solution Main shooting functions Main Quick Setup Menu items Please refer to the chart below for Main Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode Main shooting functions : Available or set automatically. : Not available. FunctionShooting Mode SCN Exposure Compensation*1 ISO SpeedAUTO*1 ISO 125 – 12800*1 Av/Tv SettingsAperture Value*1 Shutter Speed*1Bulb Exposure*1 Program Shift*1*2*2*2*2 AE Lock/FE

6. List of Functions Available in Digital Photo Professional 4.3

Solution List of Functions Available in Digital Photo Professional 4.3 You can process, view, and edit RAW images with the Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.3 software. In addition to RAW images, images captured in JPEG and TIFF format can also be edited. IMPORTANT May also be installed on a 32-bit version PC, but with restrictions on operation. On 32-bit OSs, (32bit) is displayed on the [About Digi

8. How do I Direct Print using the camera and a PictBridge compatible printer?

Solution Checking Your Printer Model Printing Directly from the Camera Print your shots directly from your camera by connecting the camera to a PictBridge-compatible printer (sold separately) with a USB cable. Also, you can make direct prints when connecting to PictBridge compatible-printers, regardless of manufacturers or models. IMPORTANT Some cameras do not come with USB cables. If you do not h

9. CameraWindow Does not Start (Windows 7)

Solution Uninstalling CameraWindow Reinstalling CameraWindow If CameraWindow does not start, uninstalling (deleting) and reinstalling the software is recommended. (Uninstalling is the process of deleting unnecessary drivers or software in the event that a problem has occurred.) IMPORTANT Administrator rights are required in order to install or uninstall software. Before beginning the procedure, be

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